We will assist you to carry out the exercise on a step by step basis including assessment, selection of staff and process of retrenchment. Drafting of relevant correspondences & documents included. Maintaining minimal publicity and withstanding challenges in the Industrial Court will be amongst our prime objectives.

Disciplinary Actions

We will assist you to identify the misconduct, to conduct investigations, prepare the necessary ground work for a successful domestic inquiry, assist in the conduct of the inquiry and its findings and recommend sustainable punishments. This includes drafting.


We will guide you step by step to successfully achieve any one of these actions. We are very experienced in this area. We will advice you on all statutory requirements, draft necessary correspondences, attend to union involvement if any and advice on the payment of termination benefits.

Union Recognition

We will guide you step by step through the various stages when a union serves a claim of recognition. This involves handling the union and also the relevant government authorities. If circumstances warrant it, we will assist you to avoid the recognition legally.

Collective Agreements

We will analyze the union's claims vis-à-vis the fate of the claims if referred to the Industrial Court thus enabling you to arrive at considered mandates for negotiations. We will appraise you on the implications of the wordings used in the union's proposals. We will also advice on negotiation tactics as the negotiation progresses and assist with drafting of correspondences with the union during negotiation stage. We will draft the collective agreement such as to avoid ambiguities and future disputes and assist to register the agreement in the Industrial Court.

Human Resource Manual

We will advice you on the law and general HR practices on terms and conditions of employment and draft these terms precisely in your HR manual. We will draft effective HR procedures including creation of procedural forms. We do this service for existing as well as new manuals.

Human Resource Audit

We will do an audit of your current HR function and advice you on best practices and compliance with Malaysian laws and court precedence. In this connection we do not believe in changing for the sake of change. The audit will include assessment of your manpower requirement to perform the HR function effectively and advice on downsizing if necessary.

Assessment of Disputes and Industrial Court Cases

We will assess trade disputes and Industrial and Labour court cases and give opinions on your chances of success. We will also assist you in connection with the cases through giving appropriate instructions to your lawyers.

Assessment of Court Appeals

If you should lose a case in the Industrial or labour court, we can study the court's judgment and give you an assessment on chances of successful appeal thus giving you the benefit of a second opinion from that of your lawyer's.

Setting Up HR Functions For New Organizations

We can assist you to set up the HR function if you are setting up a new business in Malaysia. This involves employment contracts, employee handbook, procedural forms, salary and benefits fixation, assessment of manpower needs and registration with the relevant statutory bodies. The firm has hands on experience in the various facets of expatriate employment in Malaysia.

Retainer Service

We can oversee your HR function on a monthly retainer fees. We will be available for advice on all HR related matters through the telephone and e-mail. We will further make periodic visits to your office to attend to matters as necessary. We can tailor make our services to suit your peculiar needs.

Training Academy

We offer coaching and hands on training to your management staff on HR aspects. We will study your contracts, manual and collective agreements and design the training for you specifically. Please click 'training' for the programmes that we offer. These may be altered to suit your requirements.