• Raja Segaran Consultants was established on 24th May 1997 initially as trainers in the area of industrial relations management and law . Soon the firm developed to provide the whole gamut of human resource functions but always retaining its niche in the specialized area of industrial relations practice and employment law.
  • The firm has carved a reputation in providing end-to-end guidance on redundancies, disciplinary investigations and disciplinary actions, company closures/mergers/acquisitions, union recognition issues, negotiation and drafting of collective agreements.
  • We are skilled in formulating new human resource manuals on policy and procedures. Clients too use us to review and redraft existing HR manuals. We also audit the HR function as a whole.
  • Employment law is our forte. Our Principal is often consulted to assess or give second opinion on Industrial Court cases. His opinion is further sought by lawyers and companies on the possibility of successful appeal against any adverse court judgments.
  • We set up the human resource function for newly created small and medium foreign and local companies. This involves employment contracts, procedural forms, salary and benefits fixation, assessment of manpower needs and registration with the relevant statutory bodies. The firm has hands on experience in the various facets of expatriate employment in Malaysia.
  • The firm offers to oversee HR functions of small and medium companies on a monthly retainer.
  • The firm offers specially structured in-house training programmes on HR & IR management to suit to the needs of individual company.
  • The firm records with pride that it revised and redrafted the whole of the Disciplinary Regulations for a statutory body in Sarawak which Regulations was subsequently passed by the Sarawak parliament as a subsidiary legislature. From taking instructions to final draft the assignment was completed in a mere six weeks.